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Power Bank Elite 25 (Refurbished)

Power Bank Elite 25 (Refurbished)

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The Power Bank Elite uses the latest 25,000mAh Lithium battery technology and integrates it with both USB and AC Power Outlets giving you the kind of power you need, when and wherever you need it. This has enough power to charge your iPhone/Smartphone up to 8 times or your iPad 1.5 times on a single charge. You can also run a small appliance with the AC outlet. The bright LED status indicators let you know how much charge power is remaining. 

C Output (Inverter Output)
Output Power: 90W (Continue), 180W (Surge)
Output Voltage/Frequency: 120Vac / 60Hz
Output Current (Nominal): 0.75A
Output Waveform: Modified Sinewave
DC Output (USB)
Port1&2: 5V / 2.1A Port3: 5V / 1.0A Battery
Battery Type: Lithium-Polymer
Battery capacity: 93.2 Wh (25,600mA)
Charging: Charge Voltage/Current: 15V/1A
AC Input Voltage/Frequency: 120/230Vac, 50/60Hz
Regulatory Compliance:
Standard: UL 458, CSA C22.2, No.107.2-01
EMI / EMC: FCC part 15, Class B

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