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400-Watt Wind Turbine Power Generator for 12-Volt Systems

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  • Starting charging at the low speed of 7 mph
  • Carbon fiber blades ensures low noise
  • External MPPT controller with LCD power output display
  • Weather resistant construction to withstand harsh weather elements

    Produce up to 400-Watts of power for free in your own back yard. The wind turbine will produce more power up to 400-Watts at 28 mph. If the wind dies down the turbine will continue to produce power in winds as low as 5.6 mph. This wind generator is used to charge 12-Volt batteries and mounts on any 1.5 in. Schedule 40 pipe. This wind generator is a great way to get power to cottages, cabins, work sites, and other places where power from the electric company is too expensive or not available. Power from the wind generator can be used with an inverter to run small TVs, DVD, players, phones, lights, radios, power tools, laptops, fans and electric razors. it has a marine grade coating to withstand harsh environments. A wind charge controller is included with the generator to get the ideal charging current from your wind turbine to your 12-Volt battery or bank of batteries. The body is made from cast aluminum and is safe for high wind speeds, up to 110 mph. The assembly is easy and is only 5 parts, the body, a nose cone and 3 blades. Blade diameter: 46 in.