1000 Watt Puresine Solar Power Generator (Refurbished)

1000 Watt Puresine Solar Power Generator (Refurbished)

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  • 1000 watt puresine output, 2000 watts surge capacity. Powers most appliances including medical equipment
  • 2200WH super large battery capacity, Lithium batteries 80% lighter than lead-acid and longer lasting, lightweight with minimal discharge
  • 4 x 110 volt AC plugs, DC outlet, multiple high-speed USB and USB-C outputs
  • 24 month warranty on generator and 5 year power generation on solar panel
  • Rugged composite resin with reinforced shell designcharging solution.


Power Generator

Cigarette Plug Cable

SAE – Bare end Cable

SAE -DC Socket Cable

10Watt Semiflex Solar Panel

AC Charger




Battery Capacity: 21700 Lithium ion / 2200 Wh

AC Output: 4x110V / 50-60 Hz

AC Output Power: 1000W/Rate Power, 2000W/Peak

AC Output Duration:500W≈200min / 1000W≈60min

Battery Voltage: 12.6V Max

Lifecycle: 1000 times

AC Charger Input Voltage: 110V

Output waveform: Puresine wave

USB: 4 x 5V/2A, USB-C: 2 x 5V/2A

AC Charger: 12.6V / 10A ≈ 21h

Vehicle Charging: 12V / 8A ≈ 22h

Solar Charging: 18V / 10A ≈ 22h

Protection: Over current / over charge / over discharge /

short circuit protection