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200 Watt Crystalline Solar Panel (Refurbished)

200 Watt Crystalline Solar Panel (Refurbished)

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Camp without having to give up the luxury of electricity.This Nature Power solar panel provides up to 200 Watts of power.. Great for use with RVs, boats, and backup power. Freedom from noisy expensive gas generators, opt for silent and environmentally friendly solar power that can help you to become electrically independent. Add more panels along with Nature Power Inverter and Charge Controller for faster performance.  (Battery not included)


Solar Panel
Solar Panel: Monocrystalline
Maximum Power : 200 Watt
Voltage at Pmax(Vmp): 20.75 V
Current at Pmax(Imp): 9.62A
Open circuit voltage(Voc): 24.75 V
Short circuit Current(Isc): 9.96 A Operating Temperature: -40C to + 85C        

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